30% discount on script purchase to quickly create your own exchange office, have time to use this opportunity to open your own business.


IEXBase .inc Group offers its services in adding new currency pairs, currency codes and setting directions. The package also includes adding and configuring parsers.

От $500/1500

The iEXBase .inc group provides its services for the development of additional modules for Backend and Frontend. Only the Terms of Reference is required from the client, then we will do everything ourselves.


The iEXBase .inc group offers its customers the services of promoting an exchange office. We will send requests to all monitoring exchangers, create threads on cryptocurrency forums. Placement of the site in the monitoring directory at the discretion of the administration. At the end we will send a report on the work done.

от $300/1000

IEXBase .inc Group provides its services for the development of merchants and auto-payment systems. The payment system must have a public API interface and documentation. The final cost of the module depends on the complexity of the API.

$1 300

The iEXBase .inc group offers its own services for developing an individual interface for your exchange office. As a result, you get a fully adaptive design for all devices. Portfolio will appear on the site soon.

$800 - $1000

Группа iEXBase .inc предоставляет Техническую поддержку для клиентов которые выкупили обменник у другого владельца.

Внимание!!! Если вы купили обменник на официальном сайте, техническая поддержка предоставляется бесплатно.

1 000 USD в год

The iEXBase .inc group offers its services to quickly launch an exchange office.

  • Server Tuning
  • Full setup of the exchanger
  • CloudFlare integration (DDOS protection)
  • Adding Merchants and Payments (up to 5)
  • Adding currencies, rates, directions (up to 60)
  • Setting up Telegram, Mail service, Realtime

And that’s not all, this service will also include all the functions for quickly launching the exchange office so that you don’t suffer with settings and focus only on earning and attracting customers.

$199 - $249