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Dear users,

Technical support for the script is provided only to users who have a license that includes a technical support service.

Script technical support services include:

1. When paying for a subscription to technical support, you get the opportunity to receive a priority answer to your questions, whether it’s setting up a script, or why you get one or another error, ie questions asked by users who first encountered a script and did not know all the nuances of the script. The competence of the support service is only help only for immediate failures of the script itself, if the reason for the incorrect operation of the script was your template that does not meet the requirements of the script, as well as your own modifications or third-party modules, you may be denied support.

2. Also you get the opportunity of one-time installation of the script on your server.

3. You get consulting support for working with the script structure, for example, you want to add small changes to the script for more convenient work for you, you can save time on finding the right piece of code just by asking us. You will be given advice where and in which file this or that script code is located. (Attention, we do not write additional modules for you, and do not give any ready-made code modifications, but only help you better understand the structure of the script, so always ask questions in essence, questions like: "how can I make such a chip" may be ignored by customer support).

4. Another of the frequently occurring problems is the possibility of incorrect updating of the script, for example, during the upgrade, the server crashed, some of the new data was added to the database and settings, some are not, as a result, you get a non-working script, with all the ensuing consequences. In this case, manual correction of the damaged database structure will be carried out for you.

5. Identification and diagnosis of problems related directly to the script. The technical support service will help you identify the causes of any incorrect operation of the standard functions and script capabilities. Please note that the technical support service diagnoses the cause of the problem and corrects it only if the problem is associated with the iEXExchanger script. If the cause of the problem lies in configuring your server or server configuration, then to correct the server settings, you must contact your hosting provider. We do not configure or configure your servers.

All any other questions not described in these clauses are outside the competence of iEXExchanger technical support, and these questions remain unanswered by iEXExchanger technical support. For example, questions remain unanswered on the topic: why does my layout of the template fall apart on the site, where I made this or that mistake in the layout of the template, how to put a third-party JS script in my template, etc. Technical support provides assistance only on issues relating directly to the PHP iEXExchanger script, on the operation of its standard functions and capabilities. Also, if you are not a subscriber of technical support, your questions can be ignored and left unanswered.

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