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iEXExchanger - it's just a convenient way to create your exchange

The current version iEXExchanger 2.1

Administration panel

The slides of the control panel interface by the exchange.

Basic features

Lists the main functions of the system of exchange points iEXExchanger

Security merchants

Very powerful and simple system of receiving funds through the Payment system with strict conditions from intruders.


A convenient system which provides maximum safety of auto-payments

Affiliate program

Multi-level system of affiliate programs and cash back

High quality

Professional development platform. Weekly updates. Free technical support


The adaptability of the sites for any mobile device.

Quick start

The simple controls. Install with one command. A convenient control panel.

The direction of the exchanges

Powerful system works with the directions of the exchanges, with lots of settings


Provides maximum performance with minimum load on the server


Flexible configuration of users and groups and access for them

Parser courses

Convenient parsing of the courses of BestChange, CoinMarketCap ...

Export courses

Export courses available which supports the: XML, TXT, JSON.


Powerful and easy system for handling requests, available 2 types of control panels


The multilingual user interface. Default support for Russian and English languages.

Designer courses

Quick and easy system work with exchange rates

Filter by IP, Email

Convenient locking system IP addresses and a simple limiter register e-mail addresses


Reports for the analysis of work exchange.

Web Analytics

The module Web Analytics is used to collect and analyse information about visitors to web sites.

Flexible configuration

Configuration possibilities of the script, allowing to optimize the script to suit your needs

Two-step authorization

In order to protect the business from intruders in product features additional protection.

Protection sessions

The inclusion of the protection of the sessions doing the kidnapping authenticated sessions ineffective.

Other ...

A few hundred of other features of the script that is impossible to describe in a brief description ...

Uses the most popular framework's

Script exchange iEXExchanger built on two of the most popular and demanded framework's. It's 8 Angular + Laravel 6

The cost of licensing

Choose the most suitable license to use the script exchange

$4 890
  • Unlimited license
  • Open source
  • License for 2 domain
  • Single server install
  • The new version for free unlimited
  • Technical support is available
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$3 100
$4 390
  • Unlimited license
  • Open source
  • License for 1 domain
  • Single server install
  • The new version for free unlimited
  • Technical support is available
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  • Limited license
  • Closed source code
  • License for 1 domain
  • Server install
  • The new version for free unlimited
  • Technical support is available


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