Meet update v.7.0

09 October 2023, 20:09    

Dear friends,

We present to you the new version v7.0, where we invite you to familiarize yourself with information about what awaits in the new version.

File storage

With this update, you can add various external storage systems to which files will be uploaded in the future. Thus, the site can use not just one specific external storage for files, but an unlimited number. Moreover, different storage facilities can be used for different needs.

Available storages:

  • External FTP Server
  • Yandex Cloud (Object Storage)
  • Amazon Cloud (S3)
  • Any S3 compatible storage

In the script settings, a section "Image settings" has been added where you can specify which storages to upload certain files to. You can set up different storages for images for news, card verifications, and payment systems. For all cases, you can specify either a default storage or any other storage created in the storage management section.


In this update, the work with details has been completely rebuilt.

  • Now payment details are created and displayed only on the payment page. (Now, if a currency has card verification enabled, payment details will be created only after it has been successfully verified)
  • In applications, you can now attach manual details in two ways. (1. Standard, 2. from a ready-made list via the "Transit Details" module)
  • In applications, you can now link any text information for clients to manual details.


In update 7.0, there were significant changes to the exchanger interface.

  • Before paying for the application, an additional modal window will now be displayed to confirm the entered data. (The confirmation button is blocked for 3 seconds)
  • The “Partners” interface has been significantly redesigned. (You can also make the interest background dynamic in the affiliate program settings)
  • On the application payment page you can now add an additional notification that will be highlighted in red.
  • In the "Notifications for directions" module, you can now create and display your own customized notifications on the payment page.
  • In the mobile version, a bug was fixed due to which pages were not scrolled to the end (This bug disrupted the operation of the interface of the mobile version)
  • The mobile version has a completely updated interface for selecting currencies (Give and Receive)
  • Various animations have been added to the mobile version
  • Updated icons

Fixes and improvements

  • Added the "Site Rules" module with the ability to link your own links
  • Added new rate sources (Binance OrderBook, GarantexOrders, Commex, ByBit)
  • The caching system for the "Partners" section has been redesigned.
  • Added sorting functionality in the "Banners" module
  • In the "Banners" module, it is now possible to enable and disable banners and navigation
  • The "Currency Codes" module now has a function for selecting rates using a formula
  • Various calculations will now also take into account rates using the formula
  • The settings in the client’s personal account have been completely redesigned
  • The client interface "Stages for applications" has been redesigned
  • In the "Stages for applications" module, it is now possible to link icons
  • A log of application stages has been added to the application card
  • Added module "Transit details"
  • The field "Text for the "Exchange Confirmation" window" has been added to the exchange directions.
  • In exchange directions, a field has been added that allows you to specify your name for the “Confirm and exchange” button in the Exchange Confirmation window
  • In exchange directions, a description has been added for "Warning during exchange"
  • Added the "Course History" module for parsing using the formula
  • Added new address validators
  • In currencies, it is now possible to specify your own error messages for the “from/to account” and “validator” fields
  • In currencies, the ability to specify additional options has been added. comment on the payment invoice number
  • In currencies, the ability to enable address verification using AML has been added
  • When closing an application, it is now possible to attach an additional comment, which will be sent by email
  • Updated module "Links for Footer"
  • The "Notifications for directions" module has been redesigned
  • The "Currency Archive" module has been redesigned
  • Added order log for auto payouts (Binance)
  • Binance API updated
  • Updated BestChange currencies
  • Updated CoinMarketCap codes
  • Fixed a bug when verifying cards in the operator panel; confirmation did not work in the mobile version
  • Fixed a bug when verifying cards; the page was not automatically updated after successful verification
  • Fixed a bug due to which the "Auto-adjust rate" field was not updated in the list of currency codes
  • A lot of previously discovered and reported errors in the script have been corrected.

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