Meet update 8.0.6

12 February 2024, 12:25    

Dear friends,

We present to you the new version v8.0.6. In this release you can expect a lot of bug fixes and small changes.

Payment details

In this update, the "Payment details" module has received significant changes

  • Completely redesigned module
  • You can now specify general text by default for the "Details on request" function
  • A filter has appeared that displays linked requests
  • It's now possible to customize table columns

Fixes and improvements

  • In the panel, operators updated the algorithm for verified accounts
  • Functions for working with codes have been completely removed from the script: WhitebitCode, ExmoGiftCard, KunaPayCode
  • The module "Partner Course Parsing" has been completely removed.
  • Fixed a bug due to which verified users were re-verified
  • Now if a currency is disabled, all associated directions will be disabled.
  • The ability to accept crypto has been added to the Aifory payment gateway
  • In the script settings, "Loading charts from Google Analytics" has been removed.
  • The "Auto-payment of bonus rewards" function is disabled
  • The algorithm of the module "Automatic deletion of unpaid applications" has been redesigned
  • Redesigned "Schedules" module for site status
  • In the "Payment systems" module, a bug was fixed due to which icons were not loaded (in the "Auto" tab)
  • In the "Payment systems" module, you can now enable and disable table columns
  • In the "Payment Systems" module, the ability to add new PS has been simplified.
  • In the "Currency Codes" module, the "Reserve" item was removed, which affected the performance of the section.
  • In the "Currency Codes" module, the complete deletion function is completely disabled
  • The "Filters for currencies" section has been optimized
  • In the "AML Analysis" module, a bug was fixed due to which an error was displayed if the configurator was not found.
  • In the "AML Analysis" module, a bug was fixed due to which the source was not disabled
  • Fixed minor bugs in the "Currencies" module
  • When creating a new currency, now the reserve and details will be added automatically
  • The "View Log Log" section has been removed due to security reasons
  • The "Reserve Adjustment" module has been redesigned and optimized
  • In the Reserve Adjustment module you can now configure table columns
  • The "Parser Operations" module has been redesigned and optimized
  • In the "API Source Keys" module, a bug was fixed due to which the key usage counter was not taken into account
  • Optimized modules "BestChange parser", "Competitor links", "Courses by formula", "Courses from files"
  • Fixed a bug that caused rules agreement checkboxes to be reset (When changing directions or after auto-updating)
  • Fixed a bug due to which the “Payment Instructions” information was duplicated on the exchange confirmation window
  • A filter by providers has been added to the list of merchants
  • The Merchants module has been optimized
  • The "Cryptomus" merchant has been updated
  • You can now automatically get the blockchain hash from Cryptomus
  • Added log "Errors when updating courses"
  • The “Minimum price adjustment” module has been completely redesigned (Now data is updated 3 times faster)
  • In the module "Adjustment of the minimum price", an error log has been added
  • Updated "Missing Directions" feature
  • In the exchange direction, the duplicate detection system is disabled (the function has long been outdated but affected performance)
  • In exchange directions, the "Possible directions" function has been removed from the settings (outdated)
  • In the settings of exchange directions, the ability to disable currency filters has been added
  • Fixed a bug due to which duplicates were loaded in reviews.
  • Also, previously discovered and reported minor errors in the script have been corrected.

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