Meet update 6.5.9

20 August 2023, 11:11    

Dear friends,

We present you the new version v6.5.9. In this release, you will find minor changes and bug fixes.

Fixes and improvements

  • The module "Online chat in tickets" now has the function "Which requests to display the chat for"
  • In the "Online chat in applications" module, it became possible to receive notifications in telegram
  • In the module "Competitions" for the section "Terms of the competition" appeared multilingual
  • Now it is possible to receive notifications in Telegram during the process of creating an application
  • New tags appeared in the directions for the "Payment instruction" field
  • In the directions for test fields, it became possible to choose what information should be sent to customers by mail
  • Footer now has the ability to upload an image
  • Fixed a bug due to which the rate of "auto-correction" was reset in exchange directions when disconnected
  • For the names "Filters for currencies" appeared multilingual
  • In the button settings for banners, it became possible to set your text and background colors
  • Added the ability to add your own background in the "Banners" module
  • In the "Banners" module, you can now add your own color for the title and description
  • Merchant MPCVip now has the ability to select a bank for displaying the card number
  • Updated interface of the standard widget "Currency reserves"
  • Updated exchange rate parsing API, merchant and payout Garantex
  • Added the ability to specify the number of displayed currencies for the "grouped currencies" style in the settings
  • The "Firekassa" module has been redesigned and the ability to work with P2P has been added
  • Minor errors in the script that were discovered and announced earlier have been fixed.

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