Small update 8.0.4

17 January 2024, 21:00    

Dear friends,

We present to you the new version v8.0.4. In this release you can expect minor changes and bug fixes.

Fixes and improvements

  • Updated module "Reserve from server"
  • Added a feature that allows you to disable dark or light style (By default, the client can choose)
  • AML notification is now displayed in the exchange confirmation window
  • When card verification is rejected, it is now possible to specify the text of the message
  • For the "Details upon request" module, it is now possible to specify a custom message for clients
  • In exchange directions, the system of “Additional commissions and payment system commissions” has been improved
  • In the background settings, additional options have been added. options for scaling
  • In the "Reviews" module, functionality has been expanded.
  • Garantex payment gateway has been updated
  • Added "Rapira" course source
  • Added a function to disable unnecessary buttons if the client has not received the details
  • Added the ability to enter the exchange amount in a readable format. (Example: 1,000, 10,000...)
  • Previously discovered and reported minor errors in the script have been corrected.

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