Small update 6.5.10

24 August 2023, 18:01    

Dear friends,

We present you the new version v6.5.10. In this release, you will find minor changes and bug fixes.

Fixes and improvements

  • In the system settings, it became possible to disable the display of reserves in the "I receive" selection list in the mobile version.
  • Fixed a bug in the "Competitions" module, where participants were selected who were not approved.
  • Added the ability to configure control panel login with a unique security code.
  • Added the ability to configure the execution of requests through the "Finish and close" button after entering the security pin.
  • In the "Users" module, the "Enable page count in the Operator Panel" function has appeared.
  • In the operator panel, it became possible to configure the output of the number of requests per page.
  • In add. fields for directions, checks now work by: "Field type", "Text language" and "Remove extra spaces in text".
  • In the "Payment details" module, pagination has appeared, as well as the ability to configure the display of the number of records per page.
  • In the "Timetable" module, a bug has been fixed due to which entries were not deleted.
  • For automatic payments Firekassa added the ability to work with P2P
  • In currencies, the function "Auto-payment in case the order has the status "Paid order"" has been added.
  • In the "Operator Panel" module, the "Application requests for operators" setting has been added, which will allow you to select the appropriate item for operators to work.
  • In the "Broadcasting" module, the option "Enable push notification of successful completion of the application for customers" has appeared.
  • Laravel updated to 10.20.0.
  • In the modules "Codes of currencies", "Additional fields of currencies", the display of linked currencies for a large list has been optimized
  • Filters have appeared in the "Courses by formula" module.
  • In the "Log of application statuses" section, the exchange rate for each status is now displayed.
  • Minor errors in the script that were discovered and announced earlier have been fixed.

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