Description of the iEXExchanger engine

More about the possibilities of a cryptocurrency exchange office

iEXExchanger - is a multifunctional exchange control system. Thanks to a very powerful system for managing applications, directions, courses, and users, iEXExchanger is primarily intended for organizing your own cryptocurrency exchange points. A wide variety of basic script features, originally integrated into the script, allow iEXExchanger to be one step ahead of its closest competitors in this direction.

The script of the iEXExchanger exchange office is built on the two most popular and sought-after framework`s.

  • Angular 9 (front end) from Google developers
  • Laravel 7 (back end) from the community of PHP developers

Modes of Operation:

  • Manual mode - in this mode all applications are processed manually by operators
  • Non-standard semi-automatic mode with checks - in this mode, operators have the opportunity to check receipts without going to the PS, and 2 processed buttons are available. "Pay and complete" and "Complete the application." If the Pay and Finish button is displayed in the application, the operator just needs to click once and then the system will automatically send everything to the client. And the button Complete the application must be pressed in case of manual translation.
  • Automatic mode - In this mode, all exchanges are processed automatically. In the settings, you can disable this feature.

Short list of features:

Attention!!! When developing the exchange office, we activated the display of all possible errors in order to finally get a safe and high-quality product.

During the software development process, we have worked out in detail all the necessary measures to protect it from intruders:

  • Powerful security system
  • HTTP Header Security
  • Two-factor authentication in the control panel
  • Convenient error display panel
  • Hidden control panel address
  • XSS, CSRF, SQL injection protection
  • Secure login to the admin panel using Backup codes or SMS Code
  • QIWI Control Panel
  • Yandex.Money control panel
  • Ability to automatically detect Bestchange scammers
  • Opportunity to parse "Courses of competitors (Autobroker)"
  • Ability to bind Proxy for QIWI and Yandex.Money
  • The ability to automatically pay bonus rewards
  • Auto refund option
  • An opportunity to seize an application if it is on the list of debtors of BestChange
  • Convenient card verification system
  • The ability to temporarily block access to the site
  • Possibility of authorization using third-party services (VK, Facebook, Coinbase ...)
  • Automatic user registration when making an exchange
  • Ban on exchange by IP address
  • Accumulative system of discounts for regular customers
  • Convenient system for adding notifications
  • Powerful, but at the same time easy to learn application control panel
  • Logging merchants, checking payments, automatic payment errors
  • Request status logging
  • Logging parsing courses with the ability to disable in the settings
  • Ability to archive applications
  • Export user data, exchanges, etc. Supported formats (XLSX, CSV, TSV, ODS, XLS, HTML, PDF);
  • Support SMS, Telegram, Email notifications
  • Email, SMS, Telegram confirmation of the creation of applications for the exchange;
  • Email notifications to users and the administrator about the change in the status of the application for exchange;
  • Pending Possibility
  • Creating checks for each application
  • Deletion of applications with the ability to indicate the reason
  • Create grouped commissions
  • Ability to sort directions
  • Mass adjustment of minimum and maximum prices (2 types are available)
  • Automatic adjustment of minimum and maximum prices.
  • Ability to automatically adjust min. Max. of prices
  • Adding new types of currencies (for example, USD, RUB, etc.)
  • Adding filters for currencies
  • Adding additional fields to the exchange form
  • Setting the number of decimal places for each currency
  • Advanced application filtering system
  • Address Validation (List of Supported Validators)
  • White and Black Lists
  • Convenient event viewing system for reserves
  • Daily Exchange Statistics
  • General application statistics
  • Ability to view summary reports, employee reports
  • Powerful backup manager
  • Ability to notify reserves end for administrators
  • Synchronization with Telegram Bot + Channel
  • Daily and monthly limits for currency accounts
  • The ability to automatically pay bonus rewards
  • Auto refund option
  • Ability to create a FAQ
  • The possibility of authorization through the social. the network
  • Ability to add to the Bestchange blacklist
  • Automatic generation of unique addresses for each application
  • Ability to verify payment
  • Convenient pricing system
  • Checking customers on the bestchange scam list
  • Convenient tariff display system
  • Feedback module
  • Convenient manager for working with courses
  • The ability to create an application for payment of bonuses for administrators
  • Ability to add directions to the Favorites section
  • Add, edit, delete and duplicate directions
  • Mass adjustment of the minimum and maximum prices of exchange directions.
  • Mass adjustment of exchange direction commissions
  • Hide exchange directions on schedule
  • Reserves synchronization with multiple currencies
  • The ability to adjust only certain exchange directions for operators.
  • Ability to request a reserve by users
  • Alert of running out of currency reserves for the administrator.
  • The ability to group reserves
  • Ability to adjust reserves
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • The ability to create static pages directly through the admin panel
  • Adaptation for all devices
  • Powerful referral program system
  • Creating unlimited user groups with the ability to assign them different access rights
  • The ability to issue temporary rights to users
  • XML, JSON, TXT files with courses
  • Course parser with, CoinMarketCap ... (List of sources)
  • Automatic updating of currency reserves based on transactions
  • The ability to set a ban for users
  • Disabling user registration
  • Automatic temporary suspension of registration upon reaching the maximum number of registered users
  • Logging on entering the admin panel is also available a common log.
  • The event log
  • Support for an unlimited number of user groups
  • The ability to restrict access to various sections for certain user groups.
  • User Editing
  • Search for users by IP address
  • The ability to adjust the time
  • Create a sitemap for Google
  • Manage Sitemaps and robots.txt
  • Course Failure Alerts
  • Direction Automation
  • And much more.

You can find a more detailed description of all the script features in the news section.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the demo version of our product.

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